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Auto Window Tinting

When you live in or around North Hollywood, auto window tinting is almost a necessity. I feel like Southern California insurance companies should make it a requirement to protect the interior from the blistering hot, desert sun that rides overhead 255 days per year. Cars with untreated windows end up with those horrible sun-bleached sections on the outside third of the driver side and passenger seats. Wood paneling also gets bleached out; vinyl loses its luster and plastic components can turn brittle and even warp when the car gets too hot. Sadly, people don’t always take the necessary steps to protect their vehicles. A simple window tinting service will preserve the interior of your vehicle for years to come.

It will also keep you and your family safer, as most tinting laminates are rated SPF 50 or more. Are you tired of getting a widow-side sunburn on your arm? Well, get your windows tinted. If you do a quick online search for window tinting North Hollywood, you’ll see that our auto glass shop has been in business for over 15 years, doing repairs and tinting windows for good people like you. We have all heard the horror stories and seen the peeling, bubbly results of a bad tinting service. But with North Hollywood Mobile Auto Glass, we stand behind our car window tinting service with a full guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle. We can do this because our technicians are certified and the best around. They understand how to prepare your car, truck, or SUV’s glass for the laminating process. These things coupled with the fact that we only use the highest quality materials means that we can confidently offer an industry-leading service warranty to all of our North Hollywood customers.

We even give this guarantee to people throughout LA county who take advantage of our time saving mobile window tinting service. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and tell us about your car. We’ll give you a free tint estimate with no hidden fees. This we promise.