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Window Tinting San Fernando Valley

Life in the San Fernando Valley is full of sunshine. And the sun is not always pleasant. In fact, sometimes it can be brutal. We currently only average 17 days of rain per year and average high temperatures in July and August are over 90 degrees. The sun is one of three reasons why window tinting is so crucial to have in this part of Southern California. Adding UV protection with tint will drastically reduce solar heat inside your vehicle, keeping you cooler while stuck in traffic and saving you are your family from nasty sunburns.Car window tinting also adds years of life to your upholstery, dash, and plastic components. Violent crime rose 10% in 2017 and property crimes rose 4%. Researching window tinting San Fernando Valley will show the added security benefits of tinting your auto's windows. Thieves are less likely to attempt a break-in at night because they cannot see into the car or truck.

Tinting laminate also helps broken glass stay together, keeping you family safer in the horrific event of an attempted car-jacking. There are even security-grade window tints available which make it extremely difficult for criminals to break the glass. The third reason is also related to shattering but in the event of a collision.

Broken glass created during an impact is much less likely to shatter and fly around inside of the vehicle, keeping the eyes and skin of you, your friends, and family less likely to be harmed. If you are looking to get your windows tinted, call San Fernando Valley Mobile Auto Glass and ask our friendly staff about our mobile tinting service. We'll set up a time to come to you at your convenience at no extra charge.