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Car Window Tinting

Unless you are new to Southern California, you know that we get a lot of sunshine. Usually more than 255 sunny days per year. Getting auto window tinting isn’t popular just because it looks great but because it is a necessity. All of that sun and heat will make automobiles without car window tinting uncomfortable during the late spring and summer months. And the blistering sun also can take years off the life of your interior. This is a shame if you have a nice ride.

To see your new car’s seats bleaching out and the vinyl getting damaged because you couldn’t fit a window tinting appointment into your schedule it heartbreaking. That is North Hollywood Mobile Auto Glass will send a fully-loaded tint shop to you. Our techs are certified and we only use top-quality non-reflective carbon laminates so that you don’t have to worry about your tint fading over time. If you give us a ring and tell us about your car, we can go over the different tinting options and give you a fair and accurate estimate today.

Auto Tinting

Auto tinting your car, truck, SUV’s windows are important for various reasons. There is the basic factors like having to ride in a hot car or frying out your AC because it can’t keep up while you are sitting in traffic on a 100-degree day and the UV protection that auto window tinting provides, protecting you and your family’s skin from the devastating UV rays. But there are also security benefits that you reap from a sound window tinting job. Did you know that thieves are less likely to break into a car that they can’t clearly see inside of? And even though North Hollywood Mobile Auto Glass offers security films, even standard window tinting laminate makes shattering the glass unlikely. So, thieves have much more difficult time entering your car or truck, and your friends and family are much safer during a collision because they are most likely not going to get pieces of shattered glass in their face and eyes.

Just like our glass repair services, our window tint jobs are fully backed as long as you own your vehicle. We only use top-notch materials, and we know how to adequately clean and prepare the glass so that the windows take the laminate correctly the first time. In fact, many of our tinting clients came over because of the quality of work they received was sub-par. We are used to fixing other companies’ botched jobs. Give us a call if you need your first tint and last tinting installation for your ride, or if you need us to fix your current tint job.