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Window Regulator Repair

A failing electric window system is one of the most annoying things that can happen with a car. Staring at the slow-moving window, mentally urging it to go faster so that you can get on with your day. Or even worse … when the weather shifts, and it suddenly starts to rain. Roll up window, you are screaming internally. But it just inches along at a snail’s pace. There are not many things worse than this situation. Window regulator repair is a common need in the North Hollywood area. The desert air and salt that comes in of the Pacific wreaks havoc on electric window systems.

North Hollywood Mobile Auto Glass has been saving people’s patience for going on two decades now. Our technicians are experts at fixing window regulators, so if your windows are not moving quite as fast as they used to, let our guys have a look. We are a full-service auto glass shop that can also take care of any cracks or chips at the same time. And if you're too busy, let us send one of our fully loaded mobile auto glass shops to you so that you can get your windows fixed at your convenience. If quality work is important to you, we stand behind our service 100%, and we don’t charge any extra to come to you.How is that for customer service! So don’t let your faulty window regulators mess with your sanity any longer.

Give us a call and tell us a little bit about what kind of vehicle you have and what your current situation is. We will tend to your questions and even give you one of our trusted service estimates free of charge. You’ll be so relieved once you get your windows repaired and have a warranty to back it up.