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Car Window Repair

Something that comes with having one of the highest population densities is higher levels of petty crime. There are a lot of people in North Hollywood and not all of them are good. There is always the chance that someone might try to break into your car or truck while you are in the supermarket or any other time your vehicle is left unattended in a large parking lot. Another thing that happens a lot is senseless vandalism. Teens just out having fun, causing a ruckus at your expense. If someone has attempted to break your car window or has broken one, you need a car window repair service that will come to you on short notice.If you come out of a store to find a broken window, call North Hollywood Mobile Auto Glass, and it is likely that we can send a certified technician in a fully loaded mobile glass shop to your location to repair or replace your glass then and there.

You can just go back to perusing the shops and stores for 30 to 45 minutes, and then your vehicle will be as good as new. Especially if it is blazing hot outside, or looks like it may rain, there is no reason to get stuck in traffic with a window that doesn’t work.

Our crew will get you set up right so that you can use your AC or defend your interior against the elements.If there is anything wrong with your windscreen, our techs can also handle any windshield crack repair while they are onsite to repair your car window. We are a customer-centric company. Therefore, we are transparent and upfront about our service costs. Just give us a call and explain what is going on with your vehicle and we will provide you with a bullet-proof estimate.