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Windshield Glass Replacement

Did you know that all late model cars, trucks, and SUVs are engineered with the windows and windshields are an essential safety component in their design? It’s true. The windshield is vital in protecting you and your family while you are out on the road. The windshield provides a lot of the structural strength to the cabin of the vehicle. The windshield and windows can contribute up to 60% of the upper-cabin strength. So if you have a severely cracked windscreen, windshield glass replacement is necessary to keep you safe. If your car or truck flips, the strength of the windshield is what keeps the metal rails from folding and the weight of the car crushing you against the concrete. A compromised window also becomes a liability during collisions. The windshield is angled and while intact, has the strength to direct a deployed airbag to the optimal space in front of the driver and passenger. If the windshield has chips or cracks, it may give under the explosive force of the airbag and not do its job correctly, sending the bags off course which can be life-threatening in its own right. If you are in the North Hollywood area, you have an auto glass shop with more than fifteen years of experience fixing these problems. Our technicians are certified to handle most any make or model and only use the correct, manufacturer selected tools and materials. This means our work will get your car back in condition to safely be on the road again and we’ll even back up our service with a full warranty for your piece of mind.

Not only does North Hollywood Mobile Auto Glass hand repairs and replacements, but we are also experts in window regulator repair. So if you have slow moving windows, we can assess and repair them. You might think that we are expensive since we have some of the highest-trained techs and offer a lifelong warranty. But the truth is, we have stayed in business so long by giving our clients fair prices that start with accurate and transparent estimates. So give us a call today. We can’t wait to get your car back into shape so that you can hit the road with pride once again.